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safety protective equipment vendingNew to our company is our high quality range of PPE (personal protective equipment) vending machines.  Similar to a standard snack or drink vending system, PPE systems instead are able to keep track of and dispense various safety items. Such items can include gloves, safety hats, glasses,  ear muffs and other safety products.

The machines that we build are made from quality custom parts and come with a 12 month warranty.

Key PPE Benefits:

  • Neatly and safely present and store PPE equipment for your staff
  • Keep track of your inventory via easy to use smart card/tag system
  • Hold your staff accountable for items they use
  • Cut back drastically on lost/stolen items (saving you lots of money)
  • Comes with free software
  • Free Customer Support


Lost/Stolen Cards

In the event of a lost card, this will pose no problem as the cards contain no monetary value.  Once cancelled, the card will be useless.

What Data Is tracked

Each time a transaction is made via the smart RFID card, the following data is tracked and recorded:

  • Date, time, location of the transaction
  • The type of item that was dispensed (name, size)
  • Name of the user who dispensed the item
  • Inventory levels of each item

More Information

To find out if your company may benefit from our PPE vending machines, you can call us on 1300 629 153 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm CST)


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I just have to share how happy and appreciative I am after dealing with your company. The professionalism and support offered to us was as incredible as the vending machine that everyone in our office has really been enjoying!