Second Hand Vending Machines

If you’re looking for reliable second hand vending machines, than look no further. We have a great range of used systems for sale that  offer you reliability, without breaking the budget.

These models are ideal for those of you who are new to vending, and would like to get a taste of what a vending business can offer you. Availability will differ depending on the time of year, but Azkoyen, Vendon, Seaga and Royal Drink, are the brands we typically stock.

second hand vending

In our opinion, the best situation when you may consider choosing a used machine over a brand new one, is when you operate a very small establishment. Mechanics, laundromat and snack bars are examples of businesses where it can make more sense to go  with a 2nd hand system.

Please refer below to better understand which type of machine may be best for you:

  • Medium To Large Business > Choose Our  FREE or New System (Bv5)
  • Small Business > Choose Our FREE or New System (BV3 or BV5)
  • Micro Business > Choose 2nd Hand System (white refurbished BV model, other 2nd models)

Please note that our used machines are refurbished and cleaned, but do not come with any warranty. If problems do occur, we will do the right thing by you and provide a solution as long as the time after purchase is relatively soon after.

If you would like to take a look at our new machines first, please click here

For more information on our second hand vending systems, please call 1300 629 153, or email us by viewing our contact us page